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Kickstart or Elevate Your Product Marketing Career in 7 Weeks

Transition from your current job and build an exciting career as a Product Marketer

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Mentored by
Siddhartha Kathpalia
US Marketing Head at VWO
India Ambassador -
Product Marketing Alliance
Worked with:
Application deadline
Feb 12, 2024
Cohort start date
30 April, 2024

Past Students from Top Brands like

Tools you will learn

Google Ads
And many more ...

This program is for you if you are a...

Brand Marketers
Performance Marketers
Digital Marketers and aspiring DMs
Founders or management leaders
Current Product Marketers
What is Product Marketing:
Product Marketing is the function at a technology company that generates demand and helps convert that demand to drive revenue through product(s) adoption. This is done by focusing on three key areas - Product Building, Demand Generation, and Revenue Realization.
But why should you get into Product Marketing?
Higher salaries:
Owing to the nature and complexity of the product marketing function, companies are willing to pay higher salaries for skilled product marketers who are few and far.
Latest Field:
India now has 100+ Unicorns, almost a year sooner than anticipated. The product space is booming in the nation which implies very high demand for product marketers as well.
Wide Exposure:
No two days are alike for a product marketer. You get to work with several teams such as Product, Sales and Marketing helping shape your organization's overall function & steer it forward.
Role Customizability:
You can shape the job role the way you want depending on the product and the organization you’re working with.
Global Exposure:
Product Marketing gets you international exposure and opens up opportunities to work for international companies as well.


What managers and colleagues have to say about Siddhartha
Anisha Tandon
Senior Manager
"The recruiter  suite of was facing an adoption challenge. Even consumers who knew about the products and their features showed low adoption. To drive increased feature usage, Siddhartha and I took the route of gamification where the products in the suite were represented as superheroes, and their features were their superpowers. The game saw a participation by 80% of the recruiter (B2B) database and led to an increase in adoption of the new products and features by 20%."
Sathyajith V
Product Manager
"We together identified an in-product action that had a direct co-relation with customer conversion. We charted out an automated, dynamic, multi-channel communication framework that would help improve product usage of free trialers, thus converting them into product qualified leads (PQLS)."
Aparna Chugh
Senior Manager
"Siddhartha and I collaborated on a Star Wars May the 4th campaign to drive adoption of the new version of Freshdesk. The campaign led to an increase in adoption by 60%. This increase in adoption in 4 days was equivalent to that in the previous 3 months. One of my best and most fun Product Marketing campaigns."
Soumendu Ganguly
Chief Product Officer
"As a Product Marketer in my team, Siddhartha was solely responsible for's B2B remarketing product. In this role, Siddhartha took charge of sales training and enablement, product operations, execution, and reporting. He also used to work closely with the development teams for product enhancement and maintenance, leading to end-to-end ownership."
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What past students have to say about Siddhartha
Maitreya Dimri
Marketing Strategist
"I spoke to Siddhartha a couple of times and also attended his session on product marketing. In the session, he provided deep insights and guidance that helped me not only crack my Product Marketing interviews but also helped me in my day-to-day role as well."
Vikash Koushik
"Whether you’re testing the waters in Product Marketing or have few years of prior experience, Siddhartha’s Product Marketing sessions are ideal for you to build mental models around how you can think through and level-up in your PMM journey. He’s also a very helpful person which makes his sessions all the more genuine."
Boris Joseph
Senior Manager
"I took the Product Marketing Familiarization session taught by Siddhartha while transitioning between jobs. This session was very enriching in defining and building a perspective of growth levers that can be hacked to improve product adoption and how you interface with all the cross functional teams with a launch/roll out.
The session helped me clear my interview for Consumer + Product Marketing role with a Singapore based Fintech company and he's been a helpful guide ever since with any query that's popped up in my day-to-day work. I highly recommend the course to anyone who's looking to transition into Product Marketing roles."
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Here’s what you’ll learn in the program

Week 0
Kickoff Week
What you'll be learning
  • Learn exactly how to make the most out of this program.
  • Get to know the peers you are learning with through ice-breaker sessions.
  • Interact in the community and make friends to learn with for the next 6 weeks and beyond.
Projects you will be doing
  • Build your Elevator Pitch - practice the “tell me about yourself” interview question with 3 peers
  • Try two versions - 2 mins long and 5 mins long
  • Identify your Dream Product
Week 1
Product Market Familiarization
What you will be learning
  • First principles of Product Marketing
  • History of Product Marketing
  • Introducing the Product Marketing Loop
  • How Product Marketing is different than Product Management, Growth Marketing, and Brand Marketing
  • Product Marketing team structure
  • Revealing a secret - the quickest way into Product Marketing
Projects you will be doing
  • Thought assignment - "If You Were A Product"
  • Finding what’s your market and audience are?
  • How do you position yourself?
  • What does your Sales Collateral look like?
  • What’s your GTM strategy?
Week 2
Product Marketing Metrics
What you will be learning
  • Learn what Product, Marketing, and Sales teams measure
  • The North Star Metric - true organization alignment
  • Critical differences between MQLs, SQLs, and PQLs
  • Choosing which metrics to own
Projects you will be doing
  • Study the metrics at your organization
  • Benchmark the metrics against 3 people from the cohort and/or the industry average
  • Assign a satisfaction score to create a goal
Week 3
Product Building - Nailing the Product
What you will be learning
  • Defining your ICP or Target Market based on stage
  • Measuring WTP (Pricing) and Market Size
  • Positioning vs Product Market Fit
  • Tools of the trade - Market research, competitor benchmarking and intelligence
  • Clearly differentiating Buyers from Users and Features from Platforms
  • Drafting the perfect PRD
  • Case Study - SCAN (Shiksha Custom Audience Network)
Projects you will be doing
  • Define your ICP, identify competition, and benchmark them
  • Customer or prospect interviews to identify WTP
  • Build a retroactive PRD
Week 4
Demand Generation - Marketing like a boss
What you will be learning
  • CCEBT framework for effective GTM
  • Translating the Positioning into effective messaging
  • Storytelling frameworks and applying it to yourself
  • Inbound vs Outbound marketing
  • Segmentation and Targeting
  • Personas
  • Feature Adoption
  • Case Study - Freshdesk Star Wars Campaign
Projects you will be doing
  • Product marketing writing and peer reviewing
  • Building GTMs using the CCEBT framework
Week 5
Revenue Realisation - Making the cash flow in
What you will be learning
  • The importance of Sales training
  • Applying the MECE framework to various types Collaterals
  • Communication assistance
  • Win-Loss Analysis
  • Pricing indicators
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Case Study - Sales enablement at VWO
Projects you will be doing
  • Building multiple Sales Collaterals - 1 pager, 2 pager, competitor comparison, and plan datasheet
  • Conducting win-loss analysis
Week 6
Acing the game
What you will be learning
  • Voice of Customer
  • Writing effective Case studies and collecting them
  • Dogfooding
  • Internal Marketing
  • Execution and program management using the ICE framework
  • Content writing, reviewing, designing, and development
  • Learning Survival Skills - Content Marketing, Performance Marketing, Data Analytics
  • Tools - Salesforce, Wynter/User Testing, Jira/Trello, WordPress, Google Ads, LinkedIn
  • Case study - Using Moment Marketing to capture case studies
Projects you will be doing
  • Writing a case study using Voice of Customer
  • Identifying potential moments
  • Data analytics Progress
bonus Week
Bird’s eye view on the Life of a Product Marketer
What you will be learning
  • Typical day of a product marketer
  • Becoming a product marketer and excelling as one
  • Product marketing career paths
  • Growth hacking with Audits
  • Product marketers in India
  • CV checklist
  • Cracking interviews
Projects you will be doing
  • Measuring Progress with the Thought Assignment

Learn and Navigate through the future - Use AI to your advantage

Exclusive Module on Leveraging AI & ChatGPT as a product marketing
  • Personalized ad creatives: Resonate with your TG and maximize engagement.
  • Sentiment analysis & social listening: Monitor brand reputation & get actionable insights.
  • A/B testing & multivariate experiments: Rapidly iterate and optimize campaign elements.
  • Content optimization: Optimize Keywords and content strategy for better organic reach.
  • Boost productivity: Learn the art of prompt engineering and get mundane tasks done.
  • Future-proofing: Master AI and ChatGPT to stay competitive and advance as a marketer.

What our Happy Learners are saying..

How does the program work?

Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

All the peers come together for the sessions, live, along with the mentor! As we go through the content, we clear doubts immediately.

Weekly Masterclasses by Industry Experts

Why just learn from me, when you can learn from my peers and other mentors too? I invite the best Product Marketers in India and the world, do get a truly holistic picture.

On-Demand Video Track

Once we go through the material together, you can always revisit any segment on your own as well using the on-demand video track.

A community for Lifetime

You learn and grow best when you are surrounded by like-minded people!

You will be part of a community where you can network, share opportunities, and build relations.

8 Jamming & Networking Sessions

Learning alone online can be boring & difficult. So, this program is structured in a different model:
Learn - Ask Questions - Discuss - Apply

Every week, there will be a live session for you to discuss and share ideas with your peers. Jam on different problem statements so that you can meet people and learn together.

Meet the Program Director

Siddhartha Kathpalia

US Marketing Head, VWO,
India Ambassador - Product Marketing Alliance,
Ex: Freshworks,,, Jindal Stainless Ltd.

I am Siddhartha, a mechanical engineer turned Product Marketer turned Marketing Head. Wait, this transition was not simple or straightforward!

I began my career with Jindal Stainless Ltd. as a mechanical engineer. There, I realized I wanted to shift from the old-school manufacturing sector to the new-age services sector. I decided to exit the manufacturing world and enter the marketing industry.

I pursued my master's from MICA, joined Shiksha(.)com right when the digital marketing space was booming in India. I went on to work at Sulekha(.)com, and where I also doubled up as a Product Manager.
I was handling Performance Marketing budgets in crores at these organizations.

I noticed the next big space in India was tech products (B2B SaaS to be specific). Fast forward, I found a Marketing Operations opportunity at Freshworks, and I grabbed it.
At Freshworks, I successfully executed my first product marketing project and which got me a podium finish at the coveted Freshworks Hackathon. This opened up the path for me to becoming a Product Marketer at VWO. Here, my successes with Product Marketing and Content Marketing got me promoted to Marketing Head for North America, and I couldn’t be happier or prouder! 
When product marketing aspirants started reaching out to me in 2020, I realized there was a severe lack of knowledge about this domain. So far, I have mentored 200+ students over the last two years, which has given me an insight into knowledge gaps out there and a peek into what learning gaps exist for aspirants. I have also been able to help many students successfully transition into product marketing roles.

Past Guest sessions by

Sai Ganesh
Brand Head
Pavika Singh
AGM - Growth Marketing
Shubhankar Gupta
Product & Growth
Aashna Vasa
Sr. Marketing Manager
Nikhil Muralitharan
Product Marketing Leader
Stacy Schulist
CMO - Schulist Advisory Services
Ethan Annis
Staff Product Marketing Manager
Maureen West
Sr. Director - Product Marketing
Ali Good
Global Head of Strategy - Quizizzz Inc.
Erica Foster
Product Marketing Consultant
Aashima Praveen
Global Product Marketing Lead
Here’s how life changes when you shift to the Product Marketing Domain…
In Agencies, Service Marketing, Performance Marketing, Content marketing & others:
  • Old-school fields
  • Plateaued growth
In the Product Marketing Domain
  • New-age field
  • Vast learning because of wide exposure
  • High growth rate
  • Career satisfaction and happiness
  • Solid command over language 

By the end of the program you’ll
have a clear roadmap on how to:

Understand what is product marketing and carry their skills
Transition your career from a boring job to exciting career in product marketing
Formalize the product marketing function in your organization
Discover a career path in product marketing & grow exponentially
Upskill, and upscale your career in product marketing

How it works?

Application  Process

Fill out the application form to apply for the  Product Marketing Program.

Application  Review

Experts review each application selecting only the people who are aligned with our goal and values.


Selected candidates will receive an email with the next steps.

Program Kick-off & Onboarding

Welcome to the 6-week madness, to learn, build relations, and hit your goals.


Meet & network with others on the same career path and financial freedom as you.


Celebrate your success with the community.

Program Details

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What you’ll get...

Access to a powerful community of Product Marketing Enthusiasts and people from top brands.
One year access to the pre-reads, curriculum, and training material.
Exclusive passes to physical events and meetups in the community.
Opportunity to connect with a powerful community who have fueled the growth of multiple million-dollar product startups.

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Yes! You will be certified for this program submission of your assignment.
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FAQs: Here’s everything you may ask...

What is this program about?
This program will help you kickstart or scale up your Product Marketing journey.
It will help you get a better understanding of Product Marketing, important skills involved in product marketing, demand generation, and more for product-based organizations.
Why should I take this program now?
The product Marketing domain is growing at a faster pace than we can comprehend. The best time to get into Product Marketing was a 5-years  back and the next best time is NOW! Working in Marketing is thrilling but working in Product Marketing is even more exciting.
Are there any prerequisites for this program?
This program does not have any formal prerequisites.

With that said, you will have the best results in the program if you can devote the time and energy needed to develop your product marketing acumen and systems.

The live calls and material provide a step-by-step roadmap to building your career in the Product marketing domain. The more aligned you are with that goal, the better.
What if I can’t make the live sessions?
GrowthSchool Product Marketing Intensive Program is designed to work with your schedule. We strongly encourage you to attend the live kickoff call.

We also encourage you to attend the other live calls, but it’s not a problem if you can’t. The main thing you’ll miss is the “breakout rooms”, where fellow product marketers give feedback & discuss in small Zoom groups.

Otherwise, you’re able to watch the session recordings and participate in discussions and feedback on the community forum.
How much access do I get to Siddhartha?
We can’t promise that he will reply to every single message, but he will be active during the live sessions. He will answer questions, provide feedback, and share his private notes to address common pain points.
How much time can I expect to spend on the program each week?
At least 5-6 hours per week, for the 6 weeks.

This program is a sprint, and you’ll be asked to execute things as well. The live sessions will be at least 60 minutes.

They’ll take place in the evenings (IST). We also offer bonus Guest workshops and Jamming Sessions throughout the program of five weeks. This program is created for ambitious and intellectually curious people who want to kickstart their Product Marketing journey and make a remarkable difference in the product field.
The program is designed to slot into your current life and schedule. With that said, you’ll need to block off time each week for focused learning, collaboration, and individual execution.

Growing up, your best teachers always pushed you harder than you would have pushed yourself. That’s what will happen in this Product Marketing Program. Most online programs don’t lead to results because they ask for too little from their students.

But as you know, quick hacks and cheap tricks are ineffective. They don’t stand the test of time. This program is the opposite. There are no secrets or shortcuts.

Instead, the program offers a proven roadmap for building a successful career in Product Marketing. Discipline, consistency, and persistence are the key to success in the program.
Couldn’t I find this material online for free?
The Internet is littered with excellent advice about Product Marketing and other informational content but that content is not always curated by practitioners. With that said, the majority of what you find online is superficial.

It’s written by content marketers who are paid for mass appeal and quantity, not quality. Many of them are paid by the word, which means they have an incentive to rant and ramble.

Even if they give you the “right answer,” it’s not worth very much without the structure and support needed to implement what you learn.

Rather than spending years of your precious life searching for and reading those articles, you will find the best information distilled here into a coherent and actionable framework.

Better yet, you’ll have a community of product marketers who can support you emotionally and intellectually. By the end of the program, you will be ready to kickstart your journey as a product marketing professional.
What’s included with the program?
This program takes place online, so no travel is required.

With your tuition, you’ll have lifetime access to all the pre-study material, recordings of the live cohort sessions, guest sessions, and a private online community where you’ll interact with your batchmates.

You’ll retain access to the program materials and community indefinitely after the program ends.