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Learn from the top 1% experts and start your PM Journey in 14 weeks

Application deadline
2nd Jan, 2024
cohort STARTs
27 April, 2024

Program Highlights

25+ core concepts covered in 14 weeks
20+ LIVE QnAs and Masterclasses with Industry Leaders
Exclusive Sessions on Job Preparation
10+ Projects, Case Studies and 1 Capstone Project
Placement Support

You do not need to come from a traditional career
path to secure your spot as a PM

This 14-week cohort-based course is ALL you need to get your
foot in the door as a Product Manager.

Taught by 15+ PMs, you’ll learn everything from the fundamentals of product management followed by real-life problem solving assignments so you can dive deeper into the roles & responsibilities of a PM.

Module 0

Introduction to PM

Kickstart your PM journey: Discover the versatile world of Product Management across various sectors and company scales
  • Unravel the various Product Manager roles and debunk prevalent myths about them.
  • Discover the essential hard and soft skills for product management and strategies to develop and hone these skills.
  • Explore the distinct roles and workflows of product management in B2B vs B2C and Startups vs Enterprises.
Outcome: Understand the diverse roles and responsibilities in product management across different industries and company sizes.
Module 1

How Products are Built

Unveil the secrets of building successful products with our 6D process and deep dive into problem-solving strategies
  • Delve into the 6D process of product management.
  • Differentiate between identifying problems and creating solutions.
  • Get an introductory overview of the Product Development Life Cycle (PDLC).
Outcome: Master the 6D product management process and differentiate between problem and solution spaces.
Module 2

Problem Discovery, Market and User Research

Become a market detective: Learn to uncover hidden opportunities and user needs through expert research techniques
  • Engage in innovative ideation processes.
  • Conduct comprehensive industry and market analyses.
  • Perform in-depth user research to identify customer pain points.
Outcome: Develop skills in ideation, industry, market, and user research to uncover customer pain points.
Module 3

Problem Framing and Prioritization

Master the art of problem-solving and strategy building with our comprehensive guide to framing and prioritizing
  • Craft precise problem statements.
  • Explore various prioritization frameworks.
  • Create user personas, customer journey maps, and empathy maps.
  • Learn the essentials of building a robust Product Strategy.
  • Understand the Jobs to be Done (JTBD) framework, the importance of form vs function, and the concept of Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
Outcome: Learn to define problem statements accurately, prioritize effectively, and develop impactful product strategies.
Module 4

UI/UX for PMs

Step into the world of UI/UX: A Product Manager’s toolkit for designing intuitive and appealing products
  • Grasp the basics of UI/UX design.
  • Learn the process of wireframing.
  • Master the skills of prototyping.
Outcome: Gain a foundational understanding of UI/UX principles, wireframing, and prototyping.
Module 5

Tech 101

Tech for Product Managers: Decode the tech essentials and stay ahead in the AI and Nocode era
  • Understand the fundamentals of technology in product management.
  • Learn about APIs.
  • Explore various system architectures.
  • Discover building techniques with AI and No-code platforms.
Outcome: Acquire fundamental tech knowledge, including APIs, system architectures, and AI/Nocode development.
Module 6

Data 101, Analytics and Metrics

Data Mastery for PMs: Navigate through SQL and analytics to define and measure product success.
  • Get acquainted with SQL.
  • Learn how to define key success metrics for products.
  • Understand funnel and cohort analysis.
Outcome: Learn SQL, define product success metrics, and conduct funnel/cohort analysis.
Module 7

Product Growth

Fuel your product’s growth: Explore cutting-edge strategies in marketing, distribution, and user engagement.
  • Introduction to the fundamentals of Product Marketing.
  • Learn about Product-Led Growth (PLG).
  • Study the dynamics of loops and funnels in product growth.
  • Develop a distribution strategy.
  • Focus on strategies for retention and engagement.
Outcome: Understand the basics of product marketing, PLG, and strategies for distribution, retention, and engagement.
Module 8

Product Launch and Experimentation

Launch like a Pro: Discover the science behind successful product launches and market experiments.
  • Explore different experimentation techniques.
  • Prepare a comprehensive product launch checklist.
  • Learn the strategies for phased product launches.
  • Understand the tactics for product adoption.
Outcome: Learn various experimentation methods, product launch strategies, and techniques for phased product adoption.
Module 9

Communication and Collaboration

Elevate teamwork in product development: Excel in communication and collaboration within cross-functional teams.
  • Learn the art of communication through documentation like PRD, BRD, and roadmapping.
  • Master collaboration with designers, engineers, and business teams.
  • Understand Agile/Scrum methodologies.
  • Develop time management skills.
Outcome: Master communication through documentation and collaborate effectively with designers, engineers, and business teams.
Module 10

Capstone Project

Apply learned skills to develop a product strategy, PRD, and prototype for a real-world problem statement.
  • Receive a real-world problem statement to work on.
  • Develop your Product Strategy.
  • Create a Product Requirements Document (PRD).
  • Design a low-fidelity prototype.
Outcome: Apply learned skills to develop a product strategy, PRD, and prototype for a real-world problem statement.
Module 11

Interview Prep

Land your dream PM role: Get equipped with the ultimate tools and insights for acing product management interviews.
  • Craft a product-focused resume.
  • Build a comprehensive product portfolio.
  • Get an introduction to the Product Manager interview process.
  • Prepare for case-based interview rounds.
Outcome: Prepare a product-focused resume and portfolio, and understand the PM interview process and case-based rounds.

Learn and Navigate through the future - Use AI to your advantage

Exclusive Module on Leveraging AI & ChatGPT as a Product Manager
  • Idea generation: Brainstorm, identify opportunities, and solve product challenges.
  • Take Data-driven decisions: Leverage AI for market analysis & competitor insights.
  • Effective communication: Create engaging presentations and improve collaboration.
  • Boost productivity: Learn the art of prompt engineering and get mundane tasks done.
  • Future-proofing: Master AI and ChatGPT to stay competitive and advance as a PM.

Learn to real-world Case Studies of

Learn to use these tools effectively

Program Director

Mohammad Sarosh

Product Manager @ Google

Hey guys! I’m Sarosh, a Product Management leader with 6+ years of demonstrated experience in building B2B and B2C products at scale and taking them through all stages of the product life cycle.

Currently, I work on Google Maps UGC moderation at Google.

I have formerly worked as Head Of Product at Invact, leading the product team in building immersive learning and functional course management experiences.

My areas of ownership at Microsoft spread across Office platforms and web-based end-user products where I worked on key problem statements like increasing user adoption and engagement, launching new products in new markets, driving user love, sunsetting legacy apps, building strategic relationships with new partners, making products accessible for all users, driving profitability, evangelising products at tech conferences, and making apps enterprise ready.

I have completed more than 3500+ minutes of mentorship recently and look forward to helping more people start their career in Product Management.

Worked with

Meet your Mentors

Winy Jain
Sr. Product Manager
Vinayak Desai
Senior VP - Product
Shantam Khetan
Product Manager
Sr. Product Manager
Sankalpa Sarkar
Product Manager
Sanjukta Sen
Product Manager
Ria Mirchandani
Mentor and Advisor
Lakshay Tutlani
Product Manager
Bikash Joshi
Product & Design Lead
Joshwa Selvam
Product Manager
Arnav Sharma
Sr. Product Manager
Anuttam Grandhi
Product Manager
Ankur Arora
Product Director

Masterclasses by Product Leader

Ioannis Papikas
Product Director
Mozart Morales
Product Lead
Matthew Jordan
Guest Lecturer - Product Management
Richard Porter
Senior Product Manager
Benjamin Thomas
Kristina Rettig
Ashley Duque Kienzle
CEO and Founder
Mukul Lele
Senior Product Manager
Cinthia Sokoloski
Product Designer
Victor Ukachukwu
Product Manager
Mauricio Franzoni
Product Manager
Giuseppe Di Biase
Product Manager
Riya Gayasen
Senior Product Manager
Mark Tan
Head of Community Product
Daria Beliakova
Product Manager
Andrea Pacchioni
Digital Product Manager
Chris Butler
Lead Product Manager

Here's what our learners say!

Learn Product Management from mentors who have worked with brands like

Who is this program for?

Freshers in any field
Learn the ins & outs of what life looks like as a Product Manager. So you can make an informed decision on further choosing your career path.
MBA Folks
Step up in your career by getting the right guidance from Industry experts to become a successful Product Manager
Working Professionals
Understand your current skillset and develop the skills required to successfully transition into Product Management
Product Managers with ~2 years of experience
Hone your PM skillset and become valuable for your company
Anyone curious about what Product Managers truly do
No idea what a career in PM truly looks like? Learn everything about PMing in this course.

Get life-time access to an exclusive community

Of like-minded people looking to build, accelerate or enhance their existing careers by learning strategic growth frameworks.Through this community, you can….

Collaborate on real-life projects
Meet and learn with others pursuing the same path as you
Community Accountability
Growthschool fellows collaborate on projects, find opportunities to learn and grow together while keeping each other accountable.
Get ALL your questions answered on LIVES
Participate in live Q&As, debates, and other healthy contests to drive home the learning.

How does the program work?

On-Demand videos

14-week of step-by-step pre-recorded video training & course material to help you dive deep into the fundamentals of Product Management, crack case interviews & kick-start your career as a PM

Industry case studies and projects

Learn the exact roles & responsibilities of a PM working on an real life projects and case studies

Weekly LIVE Sessions with Mentors

Learn PMing the right way by understanding all aspects of PM in a practical approach in live sessions.

Weekly Jamming & Networking Sessions

Learning doesn’t have to be lonely.Learn, Discuss, Network, Grow together!
Every week, there will be a live session for you to discuss and share ideas with your peers, and jam on different projects so you can learn while having fun.

Lifetime Access to Community 

Become part of a community where you can network, share opportunities, and build relations beyond work.

By the end of the program you’ll

Make your 0-1 journey in Product Management, with opportunities to work through real-world PM problems
With improved problem-solving skills, break down complex business problems into structural components and come up with solutions that create a massive impact.
Increased understanding of the Product industry through insights from the mentors as well as the community.
Crack case interviews at top companies as a PM with the right strategies and approach to follow

Program Details

PM CAP - Community Led with Add on

at  ₹56,299/-
  • All 9 Program Modules and 1 Capstone Project
  • Access to all 25+ LIVE sessions
  • Weekly assignments and Case studies
  • Job preparation Module
  • Resume and Portfolio Preparation
  • Interview Preparation with Live case based interview sessions
  • Tailored Content on LinkedIn Optimization
  • Free Access to Gen AI for Product Managers Self-Paced Program
  • Exclusive Membership to the GS Product Community
  • Lifetime content access
  • 3 One-on-One mock calls with mentors for interview preparation and guidance

PM CAP - Community Led

at  ₹41,299/-
  • All 9 Program Modules and 1 Capstone Project
  • Access to all 25+ LIVE sessions
  • Weekly assignments and Case studies
  • Job preparation Module
  • Resume and Portfolio Preparation
  • Interview Preparation with Live case based interview sessions
  • Tailored Content on LinkedIn Optimization
  • Free Access to Gen AI for Product Managers Self-Paced Program
  • Exclusive Membership to the GS Product Community
  • Lifetime content access

PM CAP -Self Paced

at  ₹29,499/-
  • All 6 Program Modules
  • Assignments and Case Studies
  • Career Assistance - Content Access
  • Lifetime Content Access

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Access to Nocode Mastery to learn how to build different projects using 10+ nocode tools
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Access to 100+ Interivew questions and cheatsheet to crack your next Product role
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FAQs: Here’s everything you may ask...

Who is this program for?
Product manager role doesn't require any core technical skills hence people coming from any profession like Sales, Marketing, Software Engineers/Developers/QAs, Analysts (Data/Business), Ops, Customer Support/Success and many others already possess some foundational soft skills that are transferable for a product manager role.
What is the application process?
This is an exclusive program open to only 100 serious candidates. Hence, just like a typical hiring process in a company we have a thorough qualification process as well:
- It starts with an elaborate application form where we gauge the background and intent of the candidate
- If you fill the form completely, you are then scheduled for a qualifier interview to understand where you are in your career journey and how we can help accelerate that. You will pass the interview if you are proactive, enthu and serious about the transition.
- We also have limited scholarship of those affected by layoffs.
Are there any prerequisites for this program?
This program does not have any formal prerequisites. Just bring yourself and your hunger to learn!
Is this Job Guarantee Program?
No, there is no job guarantee from our end. We provide job assistance which includes:
- Building your portfolio with minimum 6 unique projects
- Interview Preparation through 1 on 1 with Mentors (If taken) + Practice Questions- Access to our community of Mentors and learners for scoring referrals.
- Passing your profile to potential hiring managers and partners.
When do the live group calls & guest sessions happen?
The live group call with a dedicated mentor will happen after 8pm on a weekday. Whereas, the live guest session happens every Sunday/Saturday morning at 11am.
What if I can’t make the live sessions?
Growthschool’s Product Management Career Accelerator Program is designed to work with your schedule because we run polls in the cohort before setting the time.

We strongly encourage you to attend the Live calls, as it's an opportunity to validate/resolve your top burning questions with an expert.

Of course, you can always watch the session recordings and participate in discussions or leave your feedback on our community forum.
How much access do I get to the mentors?
Our mentors are available on discord group for async communication, but they’ll also be active during the live sessions and answer any doubts/queries you raise then. You can also approach them for feedback during both group and guest sessions.
How much time can I expect to spend on the program each week?
At least 8-10 hours per week, for the 14 weeks of the program. This frequency will help you get to your goal in the stipulated time.

This program is a sprint, and you’ll be asked to execute things as well. The guest/group live sessions will be 90 minutes long each. And the recorded content for the week will also be ~3 hours. Which is a 6 hour commitment from our end.
What’s included with the program?
With your tuition, you’ll have lifetime access to all the pre-study material, recordings of the live cohort sessions, guest sessions, and a private online community where you can interact with your batchmates.

You’ll retain access to the program materials and community indefinitely after the program ends.
Who are your placement partners?
We have a healthy blend of 60% of hiring managers and recruiters database and 40% of third party recruitment agencies who have companies from Fortune 500, Unicorn Startups and FAANG under their portfolio. But we believe our community and mentor network is very strong and will enable you with referrals if performed and networked well through the program
When will I get my GrowthSchool Certificate?
Individuals who successfully complete their 80% course work i.e. cover all learning modules & project submissions, are eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion from GrowthSchool which acts as a seal of trust for your proof of work under the guidance of industry leaders.
Thank you! Your brochure will start downloading shortly!
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