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Build a thriving Brand and Outperform your Competition!

Learn how to build a Powerful brand ground up & Cut the Clutter. Brand marketing will determine if you Sink or Swim 🦈

Mentored by
Raghuveer Nishtala
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Application deadline
15th March, 2023
Cohort starts on
30th July, 2023

But why should you get into Brand Marketing?

“Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room”
- Jeff Bezos


Increase in overall revenue due to consistent branding


Increase in revenue by steady brand promotions


Billion -
Expected market size of
Social media market by 2026


Consumers recommend brands they have an emotional connection with

12 Lakhs+

Average annual salary of brand managers in India


Shoppers prefer to buy from brands they trust

This program is for you if you are a...

Digital/Performance/Growth Marketer
Increase efficiency by at least 30% of your current function
Aspiring MarCom/Brand Marketer 
Who wants to make a solid strategy to build a kickass brand in the New age 
Brand Managers
who wants to pivot and do well in your current role to grow professionally.
Social Media Marketers
Who want to transition into Brand Marketing 
Marketing Agency Owners
who want to build a brand in today’s context.
Marketing Students
who want to build a brand in today’s context.
Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder 
Who want to look for and make the right team to help build your brand.
Anyone interested in learning Brand Marketing

Here’s what you’ll learn in the program

In 8 weeks, you’ll learn everything to kickstart your journey as an efficient Brand Marketer.
Week 0
Kickoff Week
  • Learn exactly how to make the most out of this 8-week program
  • Get to know the people you are learning with through ice-breaker sessions
  • Interact & network in the community to learn with some awesome people
Week 1
Brand Marketing in the digital age
  • What is a brand and what does it mean today?
  • Traditional brands vs New Age brand marketing
  • What are the challenges you need to solve for?
  • Where does the brand fit into the T-shaped marketer's skillset
  • What is timeless and what evolved in brand marketing?
  • What are the KPIs that you track for your brand
  • What are the elements of a brand
  • Myth-buster : Some traditional elements of brand marketing are still relevant
  • Activity : Feeling in your head: Make a word cloud of a brand
  • Bonus : What to read, people to follow, podcasts to listen to
  • Case Study :  Kodak, Xiaomi
  • Bonus : How to build a brand in a low trust environment like crypto/dating?
  • Bonus : Debate - Agency vs Inhouse. What's right and for who?
Week 2
Who is your brand talking to? Know your customer!
  • Decode your brand : 0 to 1
  • Listen to your customers
  • Activity : 30 min listening exercises with real consumers
  • Identify who your brand is talking to now
  • Who should your brand be talking to? Identify and define your target personas
  • Activity : Building your target personas & Identifying various brand personas
  • Myth-buster : The greatest way to get intel about your brand is to talk to real customers
  • Activity : 2X2 Map of where your brand stands today
  • Activity : Positioning statement generator
  • Brand Positioning Evaluation for your competitors
  • How to identify the market gaps and fill those in with your brand?
  • Bonus: Building a brand book. When and how?
  • Case Study
Week 3
Make your brand relevant today!
  • Brand Pillars - Stand for something that matters to your customers!
  • Activity : Brand Sliders : where does your brand stand vs where do you want to reach?
  • Consistency vs Relevance : What to aim for?
  • Channel Prioritisation: Table stakes vs Differentiators
  • Channel Mix (Online+Offline) : Paid, owned, earned, community, partnerships, stunts
  • ATL and BTL brand marketing: awareness and ROI!
  • Online channels for brand building : social media, TV advertisements, website promotions and more
  • Offline channels for brand building : billboards, events, partnerships etc (Guest Mentor)
  • Drive community marketing through brand
  • Hacks to cut through the clutter
  • Myth-buster: You do not need to be present on each channel
  • Case Study
Week 4
Create digitally viral brands
  • What is the hype about social media?
  • Optimal social channel mix
  • New Age Content Strategy for B2B and B2C Brands
  • Meme Marketing : Stay relatable yet unique?
  • Moment Marketing: Grab the right opportunities for your brand?
  • Myth-buster: Following any and every social media trend will make your brand viral but won’t do anything for your business
  • How to make your brand go VIRAL on social media : Guest Workshop
  • Growth Hack : multiply reach and engagement!
  • Hacks to grow : Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • What are the metrics that you need to measure and optimise for?
  • What data to look at and what to ignore?
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction through NPS or CES
  • Bonus: Maintaining a brand vs Refreshing a brand
  • Bonus: Influencer Marketing - A global influencer's perspective
  • Case Study
Week 5
Drive business outcomes and ROI
  • Get rid of falling CTR and ROAS with a strong brand - why, what, how?
  • Creative strategy for paid ads
  • Creative testing framework for performance marketers
  • How growth marketers can help build brands faster
  • Brand Metrics : Impressions, Reach, CTR, Thumb-stop
  • Brand surveys
  • Myth-buster : Brand campaigns have measurable ROI
  • What are the metrics that you need to optimise for?
  • What data to look at and what to ignore?
  • Bonus : 2023 Moment Marketing Calendar
  • Activity : Content Engine : Create 10 hooks, 5 bodies, 5 CTAs for your brand
  • Activity : Dashboard to bring sync between brand, performance and growth teams
  • Increase product marketing ROI with effective brand marketing
  • Bonus: Brands for startups with low budgets vs scale-ups & large orgs
  • Bonus: How product marketers can use brand to their advantage?
  • Case Study
Week 6
Become a brand leader!
  • Finding and hiring the right talent
  • Myth-buster : a great brand requires a great team!
  • Prepare and manage brand marketing budgets and strategies: putting it all together
  • Ideal team structure to build a kick-ass brand
  • Build culture and processes that create strong Brands
  • How to measure ROI for your brand marketing efforts?
  • Show Brand Marketing ROI to your stakeholders: What to present
  • Bonus: Getting alignment from the team and leadership
  • Case Study
Week 7
Hackathon - 1
  • Putting together your brand audit for the brand of aligned
  • Deriving the problem to solve + Method to appraoch it
  • Arriving at a campaign idea + channel plan
  • Getting feedback on your ideas
Week 8
Hackathon - 2
  • Creating a campaign plan
  • Arriving at a GTM (Go-To-Market) Plan
  • Arriving at a budget to help learn or succeed
  • Pricing to external brand managers or internal panel

How does the program work?

Learning online can sometimes be not fun, engaging nor interesting, and one-dimensional but GS is not like that.
Weekly Live Q&A Sessions

Having doubts from the program content or need guidance to fast-track of unblocking roadblocks in your marketing career?

I’ve got you covered! Every week I will come LIVE and answer any question you throw at me LIVE.

Weekly Masterclasses by Industry Experts

Why just learn from me, when you can learn from my peers and mentors too?
Every week, you get to learn from Digital Marketing ninjas who have worked with brands like Coca Cola & FabIndia.

On-Demand Video Track

We know coming LIVE daily to learn can be difficult. Hence I have created the on-demand video track where you can learn the most important concepts required by spending the least amount of time.

Every week, study the video content and then come up with your doubts in the QnA session.

8 Jamming & Networking Sessions

Learning alone online can be boring & difficult. So, this program is structured in a different model:

Learn - Ask Questions - Discuss - Apply

Every week, there will be a live session for you to discuss and share ideas with your peers. Jam on different problem statements so that you can meet people and learn together.

A community for Lifetime

You learn and grow best when you are surrounded by like-minded people!

You will be part of a community where you can network, share opportunities, and build relations.

Meet the Program Director

Raghuveer Nishtala

Uber, Budweiser, Durex, and Nissan

Raghuveer has led brand and marketing efforts for brands like Uber, Ofo, StanPlus and more and comes with over 8 years of Brand Marketing experience. Wondering why you should learn from him?

Well, Raghuveer started his journey 8 years back when he started working in an agency and handled the brand strategy for over 20 world-class brands like Budweiser, Durex, and Nissan. Then he went ahead to help Uber - a massive global brand, to help them build its local brand and reputation in India.

Followed by working at a small startup called StanPlus, where he refreshed their brand from scratch and today RED Ambulances by StanPlus is the largest brand of ambulances in India. Working with brands at various stages has taught him a lot of different approaches that work and overtime, he has combined the timeless lessons of branding with real-world hacks.

Guest Sessions by

Prateek Malpani
Brand Head
Aviral Awasthi
SVP, Marketing
Siddhartha Kathpalia
Associate Director
Sindhu Biswal
Deepan Siddhu
Director of Demand Generation
Vartika Rohra
Vaibhav Sisinty

By the end of the program you’ll have a clear roadmap on how to:

Build a solid strategy to build a kickass brand in the New age
Use branding as a powerful weapon
Lead teams as a brand marketer and how to collaborate with other teams for seamless outcomes
Set brand guidelines so that you don’t lose sight of your brand identity as your brand grows & evolves.
Craft a compelling brand story that your audience connects with.
Create a positive brand image despite adverse circumstances.


(Only for first 50 people)
Brand Positioning Statement Generator
2023 Moment Marketing Calendar
eGuide - how to prepare for any job interview
Get your hands dirty in a 2-weeks hackathon at the end of the course 

How it works?

Application  Process

Fill out the application form to apply for the Brand Marketing Program.

Note: SOP is mandatory to increase your chances of getting Shortlisted*

Application  Review

Experts review each application selecting only the people who are aligned with our goal and values.


Selected candidates will receive an email with the next steps.

Program Kick-off & Onboarding

Welcome to the 8-week madness, to learn, build relations, and hit your goals.


Meet & network with others on the same career path and financial freedom as you.


Celebrate your success with the community.

Program Details

Ready to Join?

The 1st cohort of this program is set to launch soon!

We go through every application very carefully and handpick each cohort member, so make sure you fill in the right (and most detailed) information so that we can get to know you better via the form.
Apply Now
Early Bird Scholarship for the first 20 seats

What you’ll get...

Life time access to a powerful community of Brand Marketing Enthusiasts and people from top brands.
One year access to the pre-reads, curriculum, and training material.
Exclusive passes to physical events and meetups in the community.
Opportunity to connect with Guest Mentors who are already at the bleeding edge of all innovations in Brand Marketing

FAQs: Here’s everything you may ask...

What is this program about?
This program will help you start or upskill your journey as a Marketing Manager or a Marketing Executive in the fast-growing Brand Marketing industry.

It will help you get a better understanding of the Brand Marketing industry, identify your ideal customers, techniques for crafting effective messages, and sales presentations, generate leads, negotiate & close deals, drive revenue, and much more. At the core of this program lies our efforts to help you upskill or transition into a Brand Marketing career.
Why should I take this program now?
The Brand Marketing industry is at unprecedented growth. With an even higher demand for marketing professionals, the best time to get into Brand Marketing is NOW! Working in the Brand industry is empowering and economically attractive too🤑
Are there any prerequisites for this program?
In order to attend this program, one needs to have a fair amount of marketing knowledge.

With that said, you will have the best results in the program if you can devote the time and energy needed to develop your Marketing acumen.

The live calls and material provide a step-by-step roadmap to building your career in the Brand Marketing domain. The more aligned you are with that goal, the better.
When do the live group calls & guest sessions happen?
The live sessions will take place.

Program recordings and notes from the live sessions will be available within 24 hours for those who can’t attend live.
What if I can’t make the live sessions?
Growthschool Brand Marketing Intensive Program is designed to work with your schedule.

We strongly encourage you to attend the live kickoff call. We also encourage you to attend the other live calls, but it’s not a problem if you can’t.

The main thing you’ll miss is the “breakout rooms”, where fellow developers give feedback & discuss in small Zoom groups.

Otherwise, you can watch the session recordings and participate in discussions and feedback on the community forum.
How much access do I get to Raghuveer?
We can’t promise that he will reply to every single message, but he will be active during the live sessions.

He will answer questions, provide feedback, and share his private notes to address common pain points.
What deliverables will I walk away with?
This program is all about taking action.

It’s about giving you the foundation to accelerate your professional growth by building a career in Brand Marketing. 

By the end of the program, you will be able to know the techniques and approaches to effortlessly skyrocket your lead generation, drive revenue with content marketing, and hence build your brand with a practical first approach. This will ultimately help you kickstart or upskill your career in Brand Marketing.

Beyond the tangible items, you’ll also leave with new friends and connections from around the world. GrowthSchool alums are a growing and visible presence on social media around the Internet.
How much time can I expect to spend on the program each week?
At least 5-6 hours per week, for the 5 weeks of the program.

This program is a sprint, and you’ll be asked to execute things. The live sessions will be 90 minutes long.

They’ll take place in the evenings (IST). We also offer bonus Guest workshops and Jamming Sessions throughout the program of five weeks. 

This program is created for ambitious and intellectually curious people, who want to kickstart their Brand Marketing journey and make a remarkable difference in society.

The program is designed to slot into your current life and schedule. With that said, you’ll need to block off time each week for focused learning, collaboration, and individual execution.

Growing up, your best teachers always pushed you harder than you would have pushed yourself. That’s what will happen in this Brand Marketing Intensive Program. Most online programs don’t lead to results because they ask for too little from their students.

But as you know, quick hacks and cheap tricks are ineffective. They don’t stand the test of time. This program is the opposite. There are no secrets or shortcuts.

Instead, the program offers a proven roadmap for building a successful career in Brand Marketing. Discipline, consistency, and persistence is the key to success in the program.
Couldn’t I find this material online for free?
Brand Marketing is a fast-growing and challenging industry. With that said, the majority of what you find online is superficial.

It’s written by content marketers who may not necessarily be experts on the subject themselves.

Even if they give you the “right answer,” it’s not worth very much without the structure and support needed to implement what you learn.

Rather than spending years of your precious life searching for and reading those articles, you will find the best information distilled here into a coherent and actionable framework.

Better yet, you’ll have a community of Brand Marketing professionals who can support you emotionally and intellectually. By the end of the program, you will be ready to kickstart your journey as a Marketing Manager or a Marketing Executive.
What’s included with the program?
With your coaching, you’ll have lifetime access to all the pre-study material, recordings of the live cohort sessions, guest sessions, and a private online community where you’ll interact with your batchmates.

You’ll retain access to the program materials and community indefinitely after the program ends.