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Increase App Users & Engagement: The Complete App marketing course for Future ready marketers

Learn Mobile App Marketing, Secret ASO strategies that No One Tells You About to Skyrocket Your App Downloads & Revenue Instantly!

Mentored by
Ashish Singh
Sr. Growth Manager @ Google10+ years of Digital Marketing ExperienceEx- Performics
Worked with:
Application deadline
April 15th, 2023
Cohort starts on
May 6th, 2023

This program is for

Digital Marketers
Growth Marketers
Product Managers
App Design & Development team
App Marketing team
Marketing Students
Anyone interested in learning App Marketing

Here’s what you’ll learn in the program

Week 0
Kickoff Week
  • How to make the most out of this 8-week program
  • Know the people you are learning with through ice-breaker sessions
  • Ways to Interact & network in the community to learn with some awesome people 
Week 1
App Marketing Basic: Opportunities and Growth Areas in App Marketing
  • Why App Marketing is important 
  • Why are most startup Unicorns App-based? 
  • How to release and Grow an App Successfully?
  • The App Marketing Funnel - Understand the Consumer Journey from discovery to sales and buying many more times
  • What are the core levers of app marketing?
Week 2
360 Degree App Marketing Approach - Exposure/ Awareness, Consideration, Conversion, Building solid relationship, Retention
  • Paid Marketing Channels
  •  App Store Optimization
  • Retention and Lifecycle Marketing
Week 3
Paid channels used in-app marketing: How to scale in an ROI positive manner
  • Paid Marketing Channels: Google App Campaigns, Google Search Ads, Facebook Automated App Campaign and Cross channels optimizations, Apple Search, Native Ads (Taboola, Outbrain), Snapchat Ads, etc.
  • Influencer Marketing and Partnerships
  • Campaign Optimization Architecture: EVD Framework for Campaign optimization, Campaign Evaluation using COCA
  • Guest Lecture 1: Paid App Marketing from an Expert
  • Case Study 1: Launching a new app in India - How was Airtel Wynk Launched in India?
  • Case Study 2: Scale-up of a popular D2C grocery app - Channels used, ROI, and Long term optimizations 
Week 4
App store optimization: Best ways to rank above the competition on the app store every time
  • ASO: Apple App store Vs Playstore // Customising your app your different app stores
  • ASO Tips and tools: How to boost the ranks on your App store: How to choose the right keywords to use
  • App Imagery: Imagery, Video Intro and more.
  • Guest Lecture 2: App Store Optimization from an Expert
  • Case Study 3: Story behind ASO of a popular matrimonial app
  • App Imagery: Imagery, Video Intro and more.
Week 5
Retention and Lifecycle Marketing: Learn to grow revenue from current users like a pro 
  • Understanding the RFM framework for Lifecycle marketing: Recency, Frequency: Frequency & Monetary
  • Tools to engage with your current users
  • How can you turn a non-paying user into a paying user?
  • How to avoid un-installs and increase "retention"
Week 6
Analytics and Tracking: Track right to take the right decision every time
  • Key Metrics ( Revenue Metrics, User Acquisition, Engagement Tracking, etc)
  • Introduction to Mobile Measurements Partner: Appsflyer
  • Google Play Console Vs. MMPs - How to account for attribution gap
  • Guest Lecture 3: Mobile Measurement Panel Panel Demo and Live Play
Week 7
Successful Case Studies
  • Scale up of a popular D2C grocery app - Channels used, ROI and Long term optimizations 
  • Launch, Scale & Retain - Fintech App
  • How a Payment app Transformed to one of the biggest Super App
Week 8
Putting the pieces together
  • How to Scale from 0 to 1 Million app downloads in an ROI Positive manner? 
  • How to Approach the Job Market with the knowledge of this app marketing course?
  • How to get your 1st App marketing Job
Beyond 8 weeks…
Nope, it’s not over yet!
While the program is done and you’ve learned everything about marketing a product or service successfully, you will continue to learn & grow together with other fellows and stay connected through our community for life.

How does the program work?

Learning online can sometimes be not fun, engaging nor interesting, and one-dimensional but GS is not like that.
Weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions

Have doubts about the program content or need guidance on overcoming roadblocks while scaling your career?
We've got you covered. Every week we will come LIVE and answer any question you throw at me LIVE.

Weekly Masterclasses by Industry Experts

Why just learn from us when you can learn from your peers and mentors too? 
Every week, you get to learn from App Marketing ninjas who have worked with brands like Performics, CRED, Licious and a lot more!

On-Demand Content

We know coming LIVE daily to learn can be difficult. Hence we have created the on-demand video track where you can learn the most important concepts required by spending the least amount of time.

Study the video content at your pace and then come up with your doubts weekly to get them answered in the Q&A session.

Jamming & Networking Sessions

Learning alone online can be boring & difficult. 
So, this program is structured in a model: Learn - Ask Questions - Discuss - Apply

Hence every week, there will be a live session for you to discuss and share ideas with your peers, and jam on different problem statements so that you can meet new people and learn together!

A community for Lifetime

You learn and grow best when you are surrounded by like-minded people:

You will be made part of a community where you can network, share opportunities, and build relations.

Meet your Program Directors

Ashish Singh

Sr. Growth Manager @ Google10+ years of Digital Marketing ExperienceEx- Performics

Hey guys! I’m Ashish Singh and I am currently working with Google as the Senior Growth Manager, where my key role revolves around helping advertisers succeed with their Google Campaigns & maximize ROI.

Previously, I worked with Performics as the Director of Performance/Paid Media. There, I worked closely with Brands like CRED, Zee5, Licious, Disney+, and Airtel, with over a $30-40mn annual budget.

By the end of the program you’ll
have a clear roadmap on how to

Generate more revenue with your app 
Quickly go from 0 to 1000 app downloads
Avoid un-installs and increase "retention"
Scale app marketing spends while maintaining a positive ROI 
Get featured in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store using ASO
Get app traction and go through the product lifecycle journey 
Get hired by the top companies including up and coming Unicorns and startups for handling their App marketing 

How it works?

Application  Process

Fill out the application form to apply for the App Marketing Program.

Application  Review

Experts review each application selecting only the people who are aligned with our goal and values


Selected candidates will receive an email.

Program Kick-off & Onboarding

Welcome to the 8-week madness to learn, build relations, and hit your goals


Meet & network with fellow developers.


Celebrate your achievements with the community

Program Details

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FYI: We go through every application very carefully and handpick each cohort member so make sure you fill in the right (and most detailed) information so that we can get to know you better via the form.
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What you’ll get...

Access to a powerful community of App Marketing Enthusiasts and people from top brands.
One year access to the pre-reads, curriculum, and training material.
Exclusive passes to physical events and meetups in the community.
Opportunity to connect Guest Mentors who are already at the bleeding edge of all innovations in Growth Marketing. 

FAQs: Here’s everything you may ask...

What is this program about?
This program will help you start or upskill your journey as an App Marketer in the fast-growing Marketing industry by improving your knowledge of app marketing.
Why should I take this program now?
Search interest for “App marketing” has risen by over 100% in the last 5 years according to Google Trends. With an even higher demand for marketing professionals, the best time to get into App Marketing is NOW! Working in App Marketing is empowering and economically attractive too🤑 
Are there any prerequisites for this program?
In order to attend this program, one needs to have a fair amount of marketing knowledge.
With that said, you will have the best results in the program if you can devote the time and energy needed to develop your Marketing acumen.

The live calls and material provide a step-by-step roadmap to building your career in the App Marketing domain. The more aligned you are with that goal, the better.
What if I can’t make the live sessions?
Growthschool App Marketing Intensive Program is designed to work with your schedule.

We strongly encourage you to attend the live kickoff call. We also encourage you to attend the other live calls, but it’s not a problem if you can’t.

The main thing you’ll miss is the “breakout rooms”, where fellow developers give feedback & discuss in small Zoom groups.

Otherwise, you can watch the session recordings and participate in discussions and feedback on the community forum.
How much access do I get to the mentors?
We can’t promise that they will reply to every single message, but they will be active during the live sessions.

They will answer questions, provide feedback, and share their private notes to address common pain points.
How much time can I expect to spend on the program each week?
At least 5-6 hours per week, for the 5 weeks of the program.

This program is a sprint, and you’ll be asked to execute things. The live sessions will be 90 minutes long.

They’ll take place in the evenings (IST). We also offer bonus Guest workshops and Jamming Sessions throughout the program of five weeks. This program is created for ambitious and intellectually curious people, who want to kickstart their App Marketing journey and make a remarkable difference in society.
The program is designed to slot into your current life and schedule. With that said, you’ll need to block off time each week for focused learning, collaboration, and individual execution.

Growing up, your best teachers always pushed you harder than you would have pushed yourself. That’s what will happen in this App Marketing Intensive Program. Most online programs don’t lead to results because they ask for too little from their students.

But as you know, quick hacks and cheap tricks are ineffective. They don’t stand the test of time. This program is the opposite. There are no secrets or shortcuts.

Instead, the program offers a proven roadmap for building a successful career in App Marketing. Discipline, consistency, and persistence is the key to success in the program. 
Couldn’t I find this material online for free?
App Marketing is a fast-growing and challenging industry. With that said, the majority of what you find online is superficial.

It’s written by content marketers who may not necessarily be experts on the subject themselves.

Even if they give you the “right answer,” it’s not worth very much without the structure and support needed to implement what you learn.

Rather than spending years of your precious life searching for and reading those articles, you will find the best information distilled here into a coherent and actionable framework.

Better yet, you’ll have a community of  App Marketing professionals who can support you emotionally and intellectually. 
What’s included in the program?
With your coaching, you’ll have lifetime access to all the pre-study material, recordings of the live cohort sessions, guest sessions, and a private online community where you’ll interact with your batchmates.

You’ll retain access to the program materials and community indefinitely after the program ends.